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‘Wicked Little Letters’ Review: Thea Sharrock’s Eye-Wateringly Funny Period Comedy Is A Four-Letter Tour De Force – Toronto Film Festival

You’ve seen Women Talking, welcome to Women SwearingWicked Little Letters, Thea Sharrock’s fantastically funny feature puts Jessie Buckley and Olivia Colman together in the filthiest pairing since Derek met Clive in the late 1970s. Set in 1920, it’s based on a story that, per the credits, is “more true than you’d think”, which, when you get to the end of it, is quite a claim. Think what a hip, modern and actually funny Carry On spoof of Call the Midwife might look like, scripted by the Coen brothers, shot with a little visual nod to Wes Anderson, and dictated by a screenwriter with Tourette Syndrome.


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