About us.

Bleat is a family owned-and-run boutique post-production facility specialising in world-class delivery.

We have created a uniquely warm and welcoming atmosphere for our clients, with a team focused on achieving the highest standards of excellence, operating with openness and inclusivity. 

Our relaxed environment of creative professionalism is supported by the highest technical standards demanded of world-class end-to-end scripted, commercial, and documentary post-production.


Our impact on the environment is a great concern to us.

We are a pending associate member of Albert and also a pending B Corp company. Inside the facility, you’ll find that we have gone above-and-beyond in our attempts to become carbon neutral. 

From the design and build up, there has been careful consideration and research into up-cycling and alternative materials. Examples of our sustainable efforts include use of Fermacell soundboard (recycled plasterboard), sheep’s wool for insulation (rather than Rockwool), vintage parquet flooring, woollen fabrics, and carpets manufactured from recycled fishing nets.