Our Services

From entry-flow data delivery via cloud-based and physical on-site 4k HDR/UHD workflows our two Dolby Atmos Theatrical Certified sound stages are accompanied by five flexible Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision-ready HETV workspaces for delivery of all aspects of scripted and documentary, feature, and episodic moving picture post-production.

Relax in our on-site bar and meeting room or book into a high-end local restaurant, while Bleat producers shepherd your projects through every technical need.

Re-Recording Mixing

The luxurious boutique finish of Bleat’s Dolby Atmos certified Theatrical Mix Stages are accompanied by Avid S6 consoles, HDR Projection and ground-breaking Alcons monitoring. The ribbon-based QC’ing monitors deliver the lowest harmonic distortion and highest SPL delivery of any mix theatre in the UK. 

Our five Dolby Atmos HETV mix suites are also Q-SYS and Dante networked, and are decked out with ATC monitoring and Avid S4, Dock, and S1 controllers, with OLED client picture monitoring.

Q-SYS and Dante integration allow for instant adaption of mixing arrays suiting any format of theatrical or HETV audio delivery over the outstanding stability of DDP shared storage system.


Our team is made up of some of the UK’s most experienced technicians and Colourists, empowered by an expanding roster of in-house, freelance and partner world-class talent.

Our uncontended cloud-based solutions also allow for cross-platform and partner integration to the highest standards expected of today’s demanding grade, online and deliverable workflows.

From location-based camera-to-cloud capture and automated transcoding, projects can be delivered directly to off-site offline, and re-conformed onsite for full-fat finishing.

From factual archival documentary through to feature-grade dramas Bleat’s cutting-edge workflow allows for 4k / 10GB data delivery, DCP playback and creation to be executed in any of our 5 multi-functional OLED/Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos edit/mix suites.

At the swipe of an iPad, and with the inherent flexibility of our Q-SYS and Dante infrastructure, the suites flip from colour grading to onlining, FX or Dolby Atmos HETV mixing. Deploy Resolve, Flame, Avid Symphony, and Adobe Creative Suite in any suite.

Sound Editorial

Bleat’s audio producer teams coordinate some of the world’s best sound-editorial teams to your project’s every audiological need.

From sound-supervision to dialogue & FX editing, ADR and foley teams are readily available to execute even the most complex creative briefs to ensure that the filmmakers’ vision is brought to life. 

ADR & Voice Over

At 70m2 each, our two theatres can comfortably host wallas of up to fifteen people, and smaller VO sessions may be accomplished in our ADR suite.

Sessions can be connected internally throughout the building via our Q-SYS and Dante infrastructure, or globally via Source Connect and/or Audio Movers.

Our range of microphones include: Vintage Neumann U67, Flea AKG C12, two Sennheiser MKH60 shotgun microphones, and DPA 4060 Omni lavalier microphones.


Bleat is embellished with outstanding award-winning music and music production talent. Our talented staff offer the following world class episodic, long and short form Music services:

  • Music supervision & composition
  • Music editing
  • Music mixing
  • Dolby Atmos Music mixing and mastering
  • Dolby Atmos Music Theatrical Conversion of ADMs or 7.1.4 files for cinematic productions