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Bleat @ BIFA 2023

Six films mixed or mastered at Bleat were in contention at the 26th BIFA ceremony

‘All of Us Strangers’ picked up seven awards, and ‘The Kitchen’ two.


In alphabetical order, the films in contention were:

‘All of Us Strangers’ – dir. Andrew Haigh, sound supervised by Joakim Sundström, and the mix finalised by Per Boström in Theatre 1

‘In Camera’ – dir. Naqqash Khalid, sound supervised by Paul Davies, and mixed by Paul Cotterell in Theatre 2

‘Red Herring – dir. Kit Vincent and final mixed by Raoul Brand in Theatre 2

‘Bobi Wine: the People’s President’ – dir. Christopher Sharp, sound supervised and final mixed by George Foulgham in Theatre 2

‘The Kitchen’ – dir. Kibwe Tavares and Daniel Kaluuya, sound supervised and full Dolby Theatrical Atmos mix by Steve Single in Theatre 2